The Village

Our Story

The most treasured places in history did not become great by accident. They are planned and perfected, thoughtfully shaped by passionate people. The Lookout was inspired by historically memorable towns like Waterville, Cashmere, and downtown Chelan—places with a strong sense of community and a slower pace of life. It was developed by a team of people who sought to create a place that their own families would enjoy—and many of them do.

The Lookout neighborhood embodies the concept of new urbanism, with green parks and ball courts, inviting front porches and tasteful architecture. It is inherently walkable, from the orchard trails, to the sidewalks leading to Lookout Park, to the pathways winding to the waterfront. Shared spaces like outdoor kitchens, pool and spa, and Lookout Landing create an inviting atmosphere. All are purposefully designed as part of the Lookout experience.

The Lookout’s hilltop location, just a mile from downtown Chelan, means breathtaking views of the lake and valley are always in sight, and a neighboring winery is just a short stroll away. This proximity to—and appreciation of—the land and local culture is an important part of the Lookout’s past and present.

It is all of this, combined with the warm spirits of the people who live here, that makes the Lookout a truly special place to call home.

Whether you are looking for property on Lake Chelan or want to find a vacation rental for your family, contact us to experience the Lookout for yourself!